CPA (NS) Board Members

Jill Hurlbert, Chairperson (Manager of Business Services – MSVU)

Lynn Curtis-Williams, Vice Chair (Legal Assistant –BoyneClarke)

Gordon Pye, Past Chairperson (Executive Consultant – Investors Group)

Kevin Lamarque, Past Chairperson (Provincial District Director)

Angela Cook, Treasurer (Nova Scotia Government – Auditor General Office)

Nancy Beaton, Executive Director

Thomas Faulkner, Board Member (Entrepreneur)

Callum MacQuarrie, Board Member (Consultant)

Michelle Martell, Board Member (Department of Community Services (Housing Services)

Mark Mosher, Board Member (MK Productions)

John Banks, Board Member (Workers Comp Board, Director Central Services)

Gary Mattie, Board Member (Volunteer)

Christy Thurber, Board Member (Cancer Standards Development Officer)

Cory Martin, Board Member (District Manager, NS Shoppers Drug Mart)

Timothy Brown, Board Member (Associate – Investors Group Financial Services)

Ashley Harnish, Board Member (Health Services Manager, NS Health Authority)

Melanie Elliott, Board Member (Volunteer)