We all cope with a traumatic event in different ways, but coming to terms and adjusting to the many challenges of living with spinal cord injury (SCI) can be especially difficult, not only for the injured person but also for their close family and friends. That is why CPA (NS) offers professional counselling services. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone, especially during times when you might be feeling isolated, are unable to get out and about, have relationship or financial difficulties, are in pain or have other issues that you don’t feel able to talk through with your family.

Help is available through CPA(NS)’s Telephone Counselling service, which gives you the chance to talk in complete confidence, free of charge, to a qualified professional. You may find one call is all you need, but you can also talk on a regular basis if necessary. To arrange a time please call 902-423-1277 or 1800-889-1889 and one of our counsellors will take your name and number, and arrange a suitable date and time to begin counselling. There is also the opportunity for confidential face to face counselling sessions for those with special circumstances. Please call the number above for details.